What's there to do at Daytona Fun Park at Weirs Beach, NH?

Outdoor Adventure High Ropes Course

Outdoor Adventure High Ropes Course

Are you ready to challenge yourself?

Our Outdoor Adventure High Ropes Course is a climbing structure the whole family can experience together. The multi-element course allows people of all ages to enjoy the thrill of doing something a bit out of their comfort zone - safely and at their own pace. The full-body safety harness securely allows participants to walk the high wire, rail, rope bridge and more! And, then take it to the next level for even more challenging elements! No orientation program necessary and it won't bust your budget! Come check out the Action!

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It's a fact: We are the only State of New Hampshire safety inspected and safety certified ropes course.

Go Karts!

Go Karts at Daytona Fun Park, Weirs Beach, NH

Looking for speed?

A New Track Layout and Viper-style Karts were added in 2010!

Race your friends and family in our New Viper-style Go-Karts through the fast twisting turns. Our Double Seat carts accomodate youngsters so the whole family can enjoy the fun.

Single Seat Go Kart Drivers must be at least 54" tall.
Double Seat Go Kart Drivers must be licensed and passenger must be less than 54" tall.

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Bumper Boats!

Bumper Boats at Daytona Fun Park, Weirs Beach, NH

Getting wet has never been so much fun!

Our bumper boats make cooling off on a hot summer day a blast! Our water-cannon equipped boats let you safely spray your family and friends while bouncing and bobbing in our large outdoor pool.

Drivers must be at least 44" tall.
Passengers (2 max) must be between 40" and 44" tall.

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Improve your game in our Batting Cages!

Batting Cages at Daytona Fun Park, Weirs Beach, NH

Swing-batter-swing... HOME RUN!

Take a swing at our multi-speed batting cages with up to 40-70 mph baseball pitches.
We have fast and slow pitch softball, too!

Five total cages. You provide the swings and we'll provide the helmets and bats!
You can bring your own helmet and bats, too.

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18-hole Classic Mini-Golf Course!

18-hole Classic Mini-Golf Course at Daytona Fun Park, Weirs Beach, NH

Mini-Golf just like when you were a kid!

Our Classic 18-hole mini-golf course has a unique layout nestled into the side of a shady hill. The beautiful landscaping and water features make the course a great way to relax, play, and stay cool on the sunniest of days.

Looking for a more challenging course? Try our 18-hole Championship Miniature Golf Course!

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Dual Bungee Jumper!

Bungee Jumper at Daytona Fun Park, Weirs Beach, NH

Our Dual Bungee Jumper is pure fun!

Unlike any other activity, the bungee jumper is perfect for the athlete or gymnast to show off their skills. Our Bungee Jumper unit accommodates two at a time so you can jump with a friend. Fun for young to old! Feel the freedom of flying in the air with the safety of a harness.

The unit is equipped with all of the safety features you need to feel secure including double-locking harness, cable safety system, and trained attendants that will make sure your experience is fun and safe.

Great exercise has never been so much fun!

Accommodates jumpers weighing up to 180 lbs.

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JumpShot Basketball

Jump-shot Basketball at Daytona Fun Park, Weirs Beach, NH

Shoot it like the pros!

Experience the fun of playing basketball with the ability to jump higher than ever before. Step onto the trampoline 'court' and take to the air! You can fly high and jump-shoot - and block - just like the pros! Competing against an opponent makes it even more fun!

Requires two players.

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